Problems staying logged in

Since Christmas I’ve had a problem staying logged in to TT. I log in, compose an email and before I can send it I’ve been logged out. This happened to another adult in our troop as well. I tried on my laptop and iPad. Has something changed to make this happen? This has never been an issue before.


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I have noticed some indeterminate timeout for an active login as well.

I’ll add to that. I’ve noticed it for at least a month or so…my Chrome based sessions on Windows 10 Surface continually log out. From discussions I’ve found here that shouldn’t happen.

I also notice it w/ the iPhone app as well, which I don’t think is supposed to happen.

I’m open for any tricks to try, or settings to look at.


Hi everybody,

Over the holiday season we added in an auto log off of 30 minutes. This is intended for security and data compliance purposes.

This has been implemented for both the web browser and the application on smartphones.

A downside is a few people have been logged out when drafting an email, but our tech team has been made aware of this issue and is working on getting that fixed.


David Keener

I may be the only one who wants to know, but why was the 30-minute log out was implemented? Why not add a “keep me logged in” checkbox? Why not give user a choice to opt out from auto log off?

Hi @IgorVeksler,

Those questions are answered here: Auto Log Out


David Keener