Auto Log Out

Hi TroopTrack Community,

We’ve recently implemented an auto logout of TroopTrack.

What this does is after 30 minutes of inactivity the user will automatically be signed out of TroopTrack.

We implemented this to make TroopTrack more secure for users. There is a lot of personal information that’s on TroopTrack and TroopTrack is dedicated to keeping your information safe.


David Keener

I understand the goal, but is there anyway that can be made a user setting? If I’m working on my own PC, or phone, which is secure I’d rather not have to log in several times over the course of an evening. It would be nice if I could set that for a couple of hours or so. Or in the case of the phone app, I might want to update info multiple times during the course of an event (perhaps a campout where every couple of hours some requirements get completed and I’d like to easily update).


Is there a way to turn off this feature? I’m in and out of mine all the time, several times a day. And only on my own computer.


Hi everyone,

I understand your concerns with this feature, however; we live in an ever growing digital age which means privacy and data security are also ever more important as well.

Let’s say you turn on a user setting to not auto log out for your account, then for whatever reason your computer isn’t working that day so you go to a public library to access TroopTrack (you only have a few things to do anyways). While there you submit some achievements, and then (out of habit) simply click the “x” on the window rather than log out of the computer. The next user can easily come along, go to your search history, go to TroopTrack, and have access to not just your information as a leader but your Troops information as well.

That can be a big problem and I realize that one specific instance doesn’t apply to everyone, but there’s a variety of safety reasons to have an auto log out feature, such as data privacy laws, basic data protection rules, etc. Troops on TroopTrack have a variety of personal information on them and the best way to keep that information safe is to have a machine there as backup in case you forget to log out.


David Keener

I agree about safety concerns, especially as some of our users have access to a lot of personal information, so I do think this is an important change.

Thanks for working on fixing the bug about logging out while you are in the middle of typing an email message. Can you confirm that it won’t happen if you are updating an announcement or intranet page, too? Just in case. :slight_smile:


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Yes, this just happened to me. I spent a long time typing up an email and hit send and I got logged out and lost my email! Very very very very annoying!