Bulk update of Awarded On date?

I want to see which of the Explorers have completed badges in time for our winter order. (I am not the shopper; I just wanted this information to share with the parents so that they would know what is currently on the list for their daughters, in case they want to update TT.)

I went to Manage > Reports > Awards, which took me to Badge Book.

I selected Complete and Not Awarded to filter the list.

There are a ton of badges that were marked as Completed On (with a date), Recognized, and Purchased, but that did not have dates entered for Awarded On.

Our troop is new to TT, and parents have been entering badges that were completed last year and earlier. If they do not enter an Awarded On date when they mark the badge as Completed, is there a quick way for someone to bulk update those dates?

Or maybe this is something that the shopper can do from another screen that I can’t see?

Maybe you could add buttons for Purchased/ Not Purchased, or Recognized/ Not Recognized.

Hi @mwestcott,

Please go to Achieve > Present Awards. You can enter a date and check (in bulk) awarded on dates.


Thanks for the help! I don’t have permissions to do that. Oh well.