Questions Regarding Paypal Integration

Our troop is exploring using Troop Track to accept Paypal payments and I had a couple of questions I didn’t see addressed in the forum.

  1. The user guide states the minimum deposit is $20. If we link a charge to a specific event, does it have to meet the $20 minimum. For example, the cost for our last camp out was $10. Could we accept payments for $10 or would the parents have to deposit $20 and carry a balance?

  2. Can we use Paypal’s mobile card reader to accept payments through Troop Track? Realizing we could just swipe the card, process the payment with Paypal’s mobile app, and record the payment manually, the ability to integrate the fees into the transaction and link the payment to events with Troop Track would be a big help.


Hi @GlennHornbuckle,

  1. Go to Manage > Settings > Online Payments, and press “Change” next to “Payment Defaults.” You will be able to change the minimum deposit there.

  2. We don’t offer support for physical readers at this time.

Thank you.