Payments with PayPal


You will now be able to accept deposits to money accounts and event fee payments using PayPal. All you need to do is choose PayPal as your payment provider in your online payment settings as shown below. Don't forget to provide the email address of the PayPal account for your unit as well as choose a default money account to post transaction fees to, as show below.

PayPal transaction fees are $.30 + 2.9%. We are working with PayPal to get the percent fee lowered to 2.2% and hope to announce this soon. As with Stripe transactions, a $.25 TroopTrack processing fee is added to each transaction.


Perhaps a compare/contrast to using Paypal vs. Stripe? Do both allow people to make payments with their CC? I am familiar with Paypal but not stripe.

If we have the Paypal card swipe dongle to process cards in person can that be integrated into this?


Are there any plans to support other payment providers like Zelle or Venmo?


Not for the time being. We are working on several other improvements to the site that require a lot of time and effort from our developer. Adding additional payment providers is not something we are working on at this time.