Raise file upload limit from 20 Mb

You currently limit file attachments to 20 Mb. There are some situations where we have 50 Mb attachments. Disk space is cheap, and I really dislike the TroopTrack / DropBox juggling act. Please consider raising the maximum file attachment limit from 20 mb.


Absolutely, we’ll consider it.

Anyone else think this feature would be useful?


Yes. I wonder if people would use it to share troop pictures and videos more. I would.


Sigh… We didn’t want to charge for space… But if the demand for more space is high enough, we may have to. It can be quite expensive to maintain.

Would you include a set amount of space in the base package? For example, 5G? I think that would cover most use cases while still allowing slightly larger attachments as needed. Honestly I can’t tell if larger attachment size limits are worth the tradeoff. It’s a hassle to work between two products, so it seems like it’d be beneficial to your company to keep people on your platform, but if that means charging a bunch extra for space, that may not be something users would be happy about.

I don’t know where the “sweet spot” is here. We don’t have a lot of large attachments; we probably have 4-5 that exceed the 20 Mb limit (ex: large PDFs) but are still < 100 Mb. But if the tradeoff is that I have to carefully count the number of photos we post for events, I don’t know if it’s worth it.

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How did you upload video? I think I’ve tried and failed…