Rank Advancement Progress Tracking Change Suggestion

I would love the % on a Rank Advancement to be more granular and also for the Advancement Overview report.

Specifically the Star, Life, Eagle and Eagle Palms.

Could you make it so that the individual Merit Badges count toward the percentage?

Example Star Rank Now = Each of the 8 requirements count as 12.5%.

Can you change it so each Merit Badge will count toward progress and is easily tracked by a report?

3a = Eagle required badge 1
3b = Eagle required badge 2
3c = Eagle required badge 3
3d = Eagle required badge 4
3e = Elective badge 1
3f = Elective badge 2

Star Ranks would be a total of 13 achievements (requirement #3 for Star would be split into 6 pieces of the percentage). = 7.6%