Re-sorting Event Types

It would be really nice to be able to resort the event types. That way if you add a type later that is related to others, it isn’t pushed to the bottom of the list.


I noticed this also. This would be much more convenient!

Good morning @AJSmoke and @JamesARussell,

Thank you guys for bringing this idea and support for it to the Community!

Let’s get a little more input from the community and then our developers can consider the sorting event types feature.

Thank you and have a great day!

mlsully2002, feel free to go to the TSAR group site to see our list of events to see how disorganized it looks.

+1 - I have to fill up 20 characters…hehehe

I think being able to sort like we can with the web pages would be perfect.

I would agree this is a very important function that I would love to see. I added something this week I wanted to be on the top of the list. How do I reorder without recreating the entire newsletter. This Newsletter is a great tool and I love it BTW.

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Is there an update to reordering events in the communications push?