Remove dual-column view of announcements in emails


I really like the Newsletter feature, and how I can edit it days or weeks in advance and it gets mailed out automatically on the weekends. That is fantastic. But the formatting has to change, or at least we need the option of changing it.

Look at the announcement as I entered it, and the announcement as it’s emailed – below are some brief snapshots.

Pay attention what happens when this thing is emailed; how compressed the columns are, and how the vertical spacing is exaggerated and the horizonal width is so tight that it makes a simple 2-screen announcement stretch to 5 screens “high” and it’s just not pleasant.

Look how nice it looks when you view it on the dashboard.

Is it possible to add a feature to make the following options available?

  • Single column or multi-column
  • Fixed width or variable-width (auto-adjusting to width of browser)
  • Include “Updates” or not (and do parents/adults even need updates?)

Thanks for your time


My view in the editor:

My view in the email:

My view in the dashboard:

I completely agree that the columns are out of whack on the newsletter. I made a ticket for enhancements to this not long ago. I’m going to find it and add your options requests to it.

Thank you.

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Thank you - if this is a short-term fix I could drop my plans of having to ditch the newsletter and work on sending out emails on my own.