Report/Email Dist List by Rank

Is it possible to have a report or email distribution list by rank? One that is created dynamically, rather than having to go in and manually update who should and should not be on the report?

My Eagle Advisor is looking for a way to email Life Scouts, rather than create a distribution list, then edit it from time to time, it would be nice if it were done dynamically on the fly.



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Hi @sgaines,

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You bring up an interesting issue. Many times, under Manager > Patrols, scouts are organized by rank. This is not a requirement and you are not using it incorrectly by any means, but that way would automatically create a magic mailing list for the scouts by rank. Unfortunately, the easiest way to create email lists based on rank in your situation would be to go to Communicate > Custom Mailing List and create a mailing list for each rank. It’s a pretty quick process if you already know who is in what rank.

If anyone else has a thought or +1 about this, please comment!

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Thanks for the response.

We have the boys in their actual patrol, so that idea won’t work.

Agreed, setting up a custom mailing list would be the way to go for now.


You can use the Rank Book to get a report of boys who have earned a specific rank @sgaines, but it won’t tell you if that is their current rank.

You can also create a custom user report and select “Current Rank” as one of the options.

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