Add Magic Mailing lists by Rank

I ask that you create Magic Mailing lists for Rank.,

Use case:

Life Scouts could receive emails about conservation service hours or EDGE requests from younger scouts.
2nd Class - opportunity to work on a first aid requirement. Life Scouts could advertise they are doing Life EDGE requirement for a certain requirement.
Works both ways.


Report/Email Dist List by Rank?

Similar thread but closed.

Hi @MatthewPodraza,

I’m not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for, but you can create custom mailing lists by going to Communicate > Custom Mailing Lists.

You can also create mailboxes by going to Communicate > Mailboxes. This would allow you to put certain scouts in a mailbox and whenever someone emailed the mailbox you created, it would go to those scouts.

If you want magic lists, you can go to Manage > Patrols > Add a Patrol and put the scouts in whatever patrol you’d like. A magic mailing list is generated for each patrol.

Hope this helps!

I’m not sure of the difference between a Custom List and a Mailbox other than a Custom list can be limited or open and a Mailbox is only open?

I’ve got some custom lists created like OAMembers, LifeToEagle.

Manually updating the email distribution is something I want to avoid and do as little as possible. It has the possibility of getting stale or outdated. A dynamic group membership is more desired based on role (like the PLC or Patrol) or the Rank field being the dynamic determination Star / Life etc…

OA membership would be a good one to make dynamic.

I could have sworn that Mailboxes were for external and non-troop members.

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Custom mailing lists are for you to send to from TroopTrack. Mailboxes allow you to send emails to one address and they go to whomever you specify to be in that mailbox.

We can certainly consider different types of automatically generated mailing lists, but it may be best if you specifically select them yourself for now. Let’s see what the Community says.

Thank you!