Email list including parent's email

A nice feature of trooptrack is that emails do not have to be specified for scouts. They are linked to a household, and parents will get the emails pertaining to the scout.

The issue I have is that is someone asks for an email list for den 1, I can’t generate such a list. If I export a member spreadsheet, I still can’t sort based on den 1 because the parents of scouts in den 1 are not a member of den 1.

Is there a way to generate such a list? The magic mailing lists already create such a list internally, but is there a way to generate a report where the emails of parents are included with the respective scouts? This seems like something that everyone would need, so maybe it exists. If not, it probably should.

Scout troop asked me for the contact info for den 1. I am just sitting here scratching my head because I can’t create such a list.

Hi @hokiejerm, please refer to the following post to learn more about how we are preparing to change the way we handle emails:

You may try creating a custom user report with just names and email addresses.

To create the feature as you specified, it would cost us about $200. (Please note, we are not asking you to pay this, we are jet letting people know how much features cost, now).

Thanks for asking! Let’s hear what the community has to say.