Requirement Changes for Achievements

Camping - Eagle Required Merit Badge Changes Needed Please - very minor change to wording on requirement 9c

First Aid - Eagle Required has many change implemented in January 2024. Please update.

Updates to requirements (2) (4) (7) (8d) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16)

AHG New Patches
*Pro-Life Kids-American Heritage Girls + Pro-Life Kids! Patch Program –
*It’s Great to be a Girl and Choose Truth Patch Programs-American Heritage Girls - True Girl

*Outdoor Patches (I can’t attach them, but if you tell me how I can them to you-see below)


Girls may earn the Get Out There! Patch either as a Troop, Unit, or family by completing these four


  1. READ the Get Out There! Introductory devotion: Experience God and His Creation.

  2. WATCH the Get Out There! Discover the Why: Prepare Your Heart to Get Out There! video and one or more Outdoor Skills Videos.

  3. CREATE a Thrival Outdoor Pack for each participant. (Girls can add to their Discover Good or Live RESTfully Thrival Outdoor Pack for this patch or decide to create a new one.)

  4. PARTICIPATE at any Program Level in three outdoor adventures within one Program Year. This patch can be earned annually. For more details on achievement, go to Get Out There! Insignia.


This patch program is designed to cultivate a curious and scientific mind while also fostering deeper relationships with God as girls confidently place their faith and trust in His love and forgiveness. AHG’s DISCOVER GOOD Patch is available in the AHGstore. Girls may earn this patch either as a Troop, Unit, or family by completing the listed requirements:

  1. CREATE the Thrival Outdoor Pack for each participant.

  2. WATCH the DISCOVER GOOD videos.

  3. READ and complete the DISCOVER GOOD section from pages 13 to 17.

  4. CHOOSE one Creation Track to complete with your Troop, Unit, or family.
     Scientific Method
     Plants & Fungi-Botany & Mycology
     Insects—Entomology
     Pets-Animal Science
     Birds—Ornithology
     Wildlife-Zoology
     Trees—Dendrology


This Patch Program is designed to show girls how they can Live RESTfully, using service-related fun activities to engage girls in caring for all aspects of God’s creation. AHG’s Living RESTfully Patch is available in the AHGstore. Girls may earn this patch either as a Troop, Unit, or family by completing the listed requirements:

  1. Read the Living RESTfully devotion, Live RESTfully.

  2. Watch the videos prepared for Living RESTfully: Discover the Why: Prepare your heart to Live RESTfully and Explore the How: Living RESTfully.

  3. Create Thrival Outdoor Packs for each participant.

  4. Read the short inspirational introduction and complete at least one activity from each section (Respect the Creator, Edify Mankind, Sustain Animal Life, Tend Natural Resources).

Please update Girl Scouts USA Financial Literacy badges, all levels. Original request, with source link is posted here: New GSUSA Financial Literacy Badges

Please add GSUSA STEM Career Exploration badges as requested in this post: Missing Stem Career Exploration Badges. Source: Award and Badge Explorer | Girl Scouts. JPG of filtered search for convenience:

Please incorporate the GSUSA 2023-24 program updates, as outlined in this post: GSUSA Badge Program updates for 2023-24. Please note that the source sited in that post has been archived, as the program updates occurred some time ago. New Source: Award and Badge Explorer | Girl Scouts. JPG of filtered content for convenience:

Hi we have updated the BSA Entrepreneurship Merit Badge requirements

requirement 9c has been updated.

requirement changes has been updated

@mtrich09 All the above have been updated.

There are new Stars & Stripes Award requirements. You shouldn’t delete the old award because girls can still achieve the old award until 2027. You will need to create a 2023 edition of Stars & Stripes for AHG users. Thank you.

Please update Scouts BSA Requirements for Indian Lore Merit Badge. All requirements I see in Troop Track are outdated.
2024 Requirements: Indian Lore Merit Badge | Boy Scouts of America

  1. Identify the different American Indian cultural areas. Explain what makes them each unique.
  2. Research an American Indian tribe, group, or nation. Tell your counselor about traditional dwellings, way of life, tribal government, religious beliefs, family and clan relationships, language, clothing styles, arts and crafts, food cultivation, foraging and preparation, means of getting around, games, customs in warfare, and where and how they live today.
  3. Do the following:
    (a) Learn 10 common terms in an American Indian language and their meanings.
    (b) Identify the meaning of 10 place names of American Indian origin in the United States.
    (c) Name five well-known American Indian leaders, either from the past or people of today. Give their tribes or nations. Describe what they did or do now that makes them notable.
  4. Do the following:
    (a) Describe how life might have been different for the European settlers if there had been no Native Americans to meet them when they came to this continent.
    (b) Describe eight things adopted by others from American Indians.
    (c) Learn a game played by a group or tribe. Teach and lead it with a Scout group.
  5. Do ONE of the following:
    (a) Visit a museum either in-person or virtually to see American Indian exhibitions and collections. Discuss with your counselor what you observed or learned from two exhibitions and identify 10 artifacts by tribe or nation, their shape, size, and use.
    (b) Attend a contemporary American Indian gathering. Discuss with your counselor proper etiquette for attending as well as what you learned and observed during your visit.

Hi @MollySmead
Indian Lore Merit Badge 2024 This merit badge has now been updated in TroopTrack.

@AmyRehm Could you please share the document for same.

Hello again - I see the updated Indian Lore MB, but it’s missing requirement 5.

Its available there @MollySmead

Please Update BSA Cycling Merit Badge: Cycling Merit Badge | Boy Scouts of America

I do not see it when recording individual progress…

hi @MollySmead It has been updated as Cycling 2024