RSVP and pay for multiple members of household at the same time

We are just setting up to receive payments online via Paypal and as I have been working on it, I realized that if multiple members of a household are invited to an event with charges, there is no way implicitly for one member to RSVP for the entire household without making individual payments as the RSVP for each invitee.

Now I realize that there are some ways around this.

  1. You can have them make a deposit and then have them pay from a money account, which means one charge for the deposit and then obviously the money accounts are not charged at all.

  2. You can not have payment required for RSVP and have one member RSVP with payment and increment the “guest” counters up to what you need. Then, just RSVP with the others.

Since the dashboard already lists all of the invitees who are in my household, it would be excellent if I could RSVP for multiple and then make a single payment.

We don’t really use money accounts at the Cub Scout Pack level, so it is sort of just adding an extra layer of complexity for our members. Also, again, this is about simplifying the process for our members, so the other approach is still a bit cumbersome.



Agreed that this would be really useful. Additionally, we have events that we charge for on a per-family basis, and the current system doesn’t allow for this. Unifying all of the RSVPs and payments might help with this problem, as well.

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This also causes problems if families are paying with Paypal or Stripe. There will be multiple fees charged (either to the family or the troop) rather than just the one fee for whole family.