RSVP directly from email

Yes, but nothing to release yet.

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Because I’m the nagging type, I’ll jump in and say “me too” for this. I also added the idea of a text RSVP. Yes, I want it all :slight_smile:

For me, this is really about increasing RSVP rates so I don’t have to chase down people. Scouts today have never lived in a world without smart phones, so web interfaces feel really clunky to them for something like an RSVP, and even the email feels odd in a world of text and snapchat…



I also like the idea of being able to RSVP from the email.

Until then, Please add a link to the event at the bottom of the email that gets sent using the “Email Invitees” button on the event page. It’s nice that the event info is in the subject, but adding a link would make it a quick & easy click for invitees to get to the event info.


Any update? Our RSVP rate is pathetic and almost makes it not worth using troop track and switching back to another method. Do you have a target release date?


We would also LOVE this feature. Glad to hear it’s being worked on, can’t wait for it! :slight_smile:


Sorry to keep on this, but again the new year is about to start and this is a top issue for many. Any word on when we’ll see the ability to RSVP from email?



We talked about it on Friday. Bottom line, a bunch of tech mumbo jumbo that I don’t even fully understand myself and the bottom line was “not yet.”

Are we any closer on this? New year, same dismal RSVP responses… This is the one BIG ISSUE we are having across the board.


Any news on this one? It’s been going on for ages now - it was held up in Feb due to the Rails 5 upgrade but that was 10 months ago now…

It would be good to have it for the start of the new year - Feb for us.

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Same issue here. This would be a huge improvement!!!

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Agree, much needed! Our baseball team uses TeamSnap with great results. We have considered using it for our troop also but haven’t yet because we would rather use TroopTrack if the feature is coming soon.

Our developer is currently looking into something like this. We apologize that it has taken so long. I can’t speak for the entirety of the time since the Rails upgrade, but we have been pretty busy the last few months as I took over for Matt, figured out what I was doing (sorry everyone and thank you for your patience), and got into the swing of things. We also had the big service hour bug that took way more time than anticipated to fix, lots of minor bugs getting squashed on the way, and then the holidays when we were out of the office.

We would like to implement this, but I am not sure of a timeline at the moment. Our developer is looking into the “how” for setting up something like this, so that users can click RSVP links directly in the email. If you have specific feedback for how you would like this set up, please let me know in this thread. For example, would you be RSVPing once for your whole household (one button) or individually for each person that is invited (if one child can go but another can’t, for example). We can’t make it work exactly how EVERYONE wants it, but we will do our best to make it work as well as possible for the greatest number of people. :slight_smile:

Ideally each family would have the option to RSVP for the household or by individual. There are some events my wife attends, but many she doesn’t. So this flexibility would be greatly desired.

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My suggestion is for those with Self permissions only able to RSVP themselves. Those with higher would be able to RSVP for themselves and their household.

My preference for household is to a page/screen to update the household. Having multiple links to click and then back to the email for the next one would be annoying for those with more then 1 or 2 people.

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If we are talking about a link that just does the RSVP without having to log in and click a second window then my vote would be an individual link per particpant. Then a Family Link that takes you to the TT website but directs you to the RSVP page of the specific event from the e-mail after logging in.

The main issue is to get people to RSVP at all. It is the parent participation we seek and they, for the most part, do NOT use TroopTrack to any extent and can’t remember passwords …etc.

So, a simple RSVP link via email that DOS NOT REQUIRE any further authentication or passwords or sign-ins would be important to build better participation.

I custom built our website and created a sign-up system with a WordPress add-in. It works well without authentication and has lots of features … however, we still have participation issues as folks can’t seem to be bothered to find a website link and use it consistently… very frustrating. It also causes double entry to re-enter info back to TroopTrack to track participants.

Again, the best answer is as RSVP email through TroopTrack. I think it would be a HUGE value to most everybody.

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Link per person.
Also, would be nice to have push notification to the TT App.
I am a youth hockey coach and RSVP’s for games went from 10% when using a service without email/app push notifications for RSVP to 100% with a service that uses email/app push for RSVP’s. We use “Teamstuff”. You can set-up a free account and see how it works.

Thank you,


TroopTrack users have been waiting TOO long for this simple idea for a proposed improvement, your developer must be trying to combine this objective with some other complex methodology.

The system already has all the capability you would need to add 3 links to event invitation emails that would toggle a member’s RSVP status, just as Scott Newman’s screenshot portrayed way back in Oct 2016, as per his contribuion.
Like others have suggested, Scott’s pic displays a recipient’s current RSVP status, so the recipient would know if they had already responded to the event (i.e. within reminder emails).
You could leave the existing link for recipients that want to login in to TroopTrack for additional info.

Please consider implementing this as a standalone feature sooner, rather than later, as it is sorely needed by troops all around the world to achieve better engagement from parents and families with our troop administration goals.

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We are currently in the process of making this feature, so it should be in the next update or two. We want to make sure that the function works properly and maintains both accuracy and security, and this has taken time to create, test, get rid of bugs, and re-test. We don’t want to release a shoddy or half-done feature and want to get it right the first time. Additionally, we have only one developer and he has to do everything. As such, it does take some time for us to implement feature requests and fix bugs, but we are doing everything we can to release this update as quickly as possible. In the meantime, we appreciate everyone’s patience. :slight_smile:


In case you missed it, this is available now: RSVP from the Event Invitation! :D.