Who can RSVP for someone in TT?

I’m the Account Owner for our TT subscription and have full rights. I just noticed that I am unable to RSVP for anyone other than my immediate family (i.e., my “Household”).

Is this by design or a bug??

In our pack, we almost always have a few people for each event that let me know if they’re coming or not in-person, or by other means (e.g., text or email). This is especially true for events that are free, but we still need a headcount, or for when it’s a “No.”


Hi @BobCain,

I don’t think it’s a bug, I think it is working as designed. Our parents have household permissions, and the scouts have scout permissions.

This means the parents can RSVP for the scout or anyone else in the household. The scout can only RSVP for themselves.

Household permissions, also mean the adults have access to the scout fund. So if mom or dad want to go on an outing, they can pay for it out of their scout’s scout account… :):):slight_smile:

My advice about parents telling you in person they are coming is to keep banging the drum about TT and keep explaining the benefits, eventually will understand your vision and will RSVP. Then they will love it :grinning:

I hope this helps,


Thanks for the reply🙂. I follow what you’re saying. For the most part, our parents and leaders have been very responsive with our use of other, similar online tools—we used SignUpGenius exclusively for popcorn sales last fall and our pack has been actively using Scoutbook for a couple of years.

Setting aside, for the moment, your (valid) point that it’s always a good thing whenever you can get parents to be more active in and take on more responsibility for delivering Scouting to their son—which I don’t disagree with. . . .

My fundamental question is this: Even as our Pack’s TT Account Owner with Unit-Level Access and full, across-the-board Privileges, I am unable to RSVP for anyone in my pack other than for members of my own household?! If true, this has to be an oversight?

I can think of a few examples where it would be important for a leader who is not a member of a specific “household” to have to ability to RSVP for the members of that “household.”

Scenario 1 - “Non-instantaneous” Buy-in:
Even for units that i[/i] get 100% participation and use of TT by all of their parents and leaders, this buy-in won’t happen instantly on the same day that TT is rolled-out—it’s always a process to introduce anything new to a group. So, in the interim, while more and more people are getting on-board with TT, I’m unclear how a unit can accurately manage event RSVPs exclusively within TT without the ability for a leader to RSVP for members of a household that isn’t his/her own? This situation would also apply to families new to Scouting.

Scenario 2 - Nontech-Savy Families:
As hard as it is to believe, I run into this about once a recruiting season—some families just simply don’t have easy or regular internet access. Two examples that come to mind are where a Scout lived with his grandparent. This is the reason why the Cyber Chip can be waived as a rank requirement.


Good morning @BobCain ,

I understand your point, and it’s very valid. I think everyone that uses TT will face similar situations.

You can record attendance for someone that did not RSVP this way- To update those who are attending but didn’t respond. Go to the event. Upper right you click on Attendance drop down and select Record Attendance. Each person in the Troop has a box next to them and you can change each one. Once completed be sure to click the Update tab at the bottom or it wont record your changes. Also, you’ll need to refresh the page to see the changes on the event.

If you have online payment turned on, this will not charge the scout. In order to charge the scout, you will need to click the event on the calendar, and choose View All Payments. From there you can manually add the scout.

I hope this helps!



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I’m with Bob on this one. I can’t even walk the floor at a meeting with my tablet to sign up people because TT won’t let me. So I do consider it a bug. A sheet of paper with a check list of names is more useful in this context than TT.

Please make it possible for people with troop level permissions to RSVP on behalf of others. Or make it an additional permission in itself. But it’s too useful to not have.



I was just signing in to ask this same question. The ability to RSVP for someone not in your household should exist, whether it is a separate permission level or part of the unit level permissions.

I would love it if all of my parents used TT and RSVP’d every time but it just doesn’t happen. I’ve even had a parent respond to an invitation to remind me that she already told me she was coming - no RSVP in TT.


Hi @mlsully2002 and @dave,

Is it possible to make have the ability for certain members to RSVP to an event for a other people? It’s re-charter time and it would help me. I’m sure there are other units that would benefit from this enhancement.



I’ve found a work around for this…what I do is I click on Record Attendance and it should have a section that says Coming? with a dropdown for each person. You can change their RSVP status there and it will work.



Thanks but I believe that does not charge the person. I think to do that, you have edit the payments of the outing.

It’s a messy way. I wish we just had an easier way.



I’m in the same boat - and it’s a real headscratcher.

If, at a meeting, we decide on an event and immediately get a show of hands for “Who’s coming” and there’s no fee involved, I need to be able to define an event (or signup) and enter those verbal YESs and NOs into the event RSVP (or just the YESs into a signup sheet). If there is a FEE involved, I want to be able to enter RSVPs for those interested participants as MAYBE, with an email reminding them to pay for the event to confirm that MAYBE to a YES.

THEN, if the event (or signup) isn’t yet full, I want to be able to email those that haven’t responded (or missed the meeting) to fill up the event (or signup sheet)

Without this kind of paper-to-start / online-to-finish approach, we cannot (and don’t) use TroopTrack for simple signups. And so communication regarding those events becomes cumbersome, as names must be tracked on paper, and then manually checked off for communication.

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Will I do this? Yes
Will ASMs or committee members to follow these steps? (milage may vary)

We need a clear workflow for something that everyone does on a regular basis.

Some parents are hand raising check writers.
Some just drop off and pick up
Others are emailing credit card paying online RSVPers.

The workflow for an event RSVP & payment, prior to online signups was well established.
We use TroopTrack to permit (not force) automation of our growing troop.

We are not here to evangelize TroopTrack.
We serve all combinations of parent and scout and need TroopTrack to do the same.


Thanks @kpkpkp,

Thanks for the reply. We’ve been using this method since the beginning of the year and it works :slight_smile:

You are absolutely correct about banging the drum, our last outing everyone RSVP’d via TroopTrack! I think we need to celebrate with cake :):):slight_smile:



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Thank you. This helps me!

You are very welcome!!

Hello @mlsully2002 and @dave,

We’ve been discussing this topic for several months. Can TT make some sort of enhancement to let Leaders RSVP for members?

Any input would be appreciated!



This feature already exists (in a way). I could have sworn I answered this already.

You can change rsvp statuses for member by recording attendance before an event. “Payment Required to RSVP” must be OFF for this to work. If you do require payment, edit the event, turn it off, change the rsvp status for those members, edit the event, turn it back on.


Thanks so much Matt!!!