RSVP'ing for an Event


How It Works

When someone creates an event and invites you to attend, you will get an email with a link to the event, like the one shown below:

Click on the link to see more information about the event and to RSVP. The page will look like this:

When you click change, you will see this:

Choose if you are going or not, add additional guests if needed, then click save.


Getting There from the Calendar

You can also RSVP for an event by clicking on the event from the calendar. If you have the "manage_events" privilege however you are going to see an event form first. To get to the RSVP form, you just need to click Details & RSVP and it will take you to the event's detail page. 



Is there a way for a leader to get an email notification if a member RSVPs for an event. As a leader I would like the abiltity to instantly know when anyone has RSVPd for tracking purposes.


Not at the moment, but maybe you could post this in the ideas category and see if other users would like the same feature?


I recently posted this in ideas, would definitely love to have this feature


I’ve RSVP’ed for many events - but our troop has an event scheduled and several people have RSVP’ed, but when I go to the page - there isn’t an option for me to RSVP or Pay for the event. Any ideas wwhy this one event isn’t allowing me to RSVP?



Soon as I posted this - went back and the RSVP option was there - not sure if TT fixed it or it fixed itself - but Thanks



I’m having the same symptom that ToddMullen described, about a month ago: I create an event, invite people. When the invite goes out, and I follow the link, the Event page displays all the info you’d expect - However, there is no ‘Change’ button, to actually RSVP. We’ve tried this in different browsers (Chrome, Safari), and get the same results.

You can see the ‘Fee’ displayed, but no ‘Change’ option.
Please let me know if I’m doing something wrong.
Thank you !


One suggestion for RSVP’s would be in the Advanced area to allow an option called RSVP Breakdown or something like this. It would allow you to break down RSVP specifically by each night and each meal. We have Cub Scout Camp Outs where family’s may come for any combination of nights and/or meals as some people come for the day and just eat 1 or 2 meals. Would be a sweet RSVP if we could break it down further on the site. If you need more information, please contact me and I can show you our spreadsheet I use to track this.


Here’s an idea… Could you provide auto-RSVP mailto links? These could be embedded into email event invites/reminders, allowing someone to quickly RSVP for an event, without even leaving their mail app!


The mail server would process incoming mail to these addresses by automatically RSVP’ing the named user (JohnQPublic) for the event ID (249348) with the indicated response type (yes, no, maybe). If the user makes any edits to the default message body, those can be copied to the Rsvp Comment field.

For parents, the invite/reminder message could even include RSVP links for each user in the household.


Hi, our Pack just switched to Trooptrack from a different system. Is there a way for a leader to mark someone else’s RSVP on Trooptrack. As Committee Chair, I have Unit Access with all privileges checked here on Trooptrack. When we have a pack meeting, I bring a paper “Sign Up” sheet for families to sign up for events right there if they wish. I would like to go into Trooptrack and add those families’ RSVPs.

Thanks for any help you can offer!


@ChristineMajeski1 - The instructions to do this for someone else are here:


Did you ever get this question answered. It would be very helpful for me as well.