RSVP for all household at once

Many families in my troop have several children. As we get them to use TroopTrack more regularly I often hear that they don’t like to RSVP because they have to do each person individually. Is there any way to allow users to rsvp for their household - especially if all the responses are the same for that household?



Oh PLEASE oh PLEASE!!! :pray: I have 5 girls and my husband and I are both leaders in our troop. That makes 7 individual RSVP’s for me every. single. time.

The only way I can do us all at once is to go into record attendance, change all our RSVP’s there. But I can’t add any notes. Since I’m a system admin, I have that ability. My parents don’t.

Do you have all of the scouts and adults in the same household? I can see and RSVP multiple adults and scouts by having them in the same household.

Yes, but I have to click each individual person, wait for the box to come up, then click RSVP answer. If I could have one box that brought up everyone in the house that was invited and RSVP all at one time, that would save me lots of time. The ability to RSVP for everyone as “Going” or “Not Going” would be amazing!


Alternatively it would be nice to be able to just have a drop down menu not a pop up window for each RSVP. That way I could just pick each person’s response and submit at once.


I like this. Then again I suggested it back in January:

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Also suggested here RSVP and pay for multiple members of household at the same time

Seems like a great feature to work on. It is one of biggest hurdles for user adoption of TroopTrack