RSVP rollup needs totals per patrol and breakout of parent/scout

We do all of our scout head counts by Patrol, and then another headcount for the adults. Patrols leaders are responsible for the headcount of scouts attending from their patrol (like for camping, buying food for their patrol). The parent coordinator is responsible for the Adults headcount.

Having the RSVP count indicate scouts per patrol, and parents per patrol would greatly ease the sorting out of this data.

Today, these numbers are broken out by “Youth Guests” and “Adult Guests”, so the feature requested would be to break out the “nn Going” into “nn Scouts going” and "nn Adults going"
46 Going + 14 Youth Guests + 8 Adult Guests = 68 Total
Going: 40 Youth + 6 Adults + 14 Youth Guests + 8 Adult Guests = 68 Total.

Further, adding patrol information would be really great… such as:
patrol1: 4 scouts / 2 adults
patrol2: 10 scouts / 1 adult
patrol3: 6 scouts / 1 adult

(NOTE: this data is available if you “print attendance sheet”, but not on the RSVP section of the event)


I was searching for this myself and find there are several variations of this floating around the Ideas section, so I think there is a bigger call for this idea than may be apparent.

I’d like to see the above report and agree; bare minimum is break out of adults/youth separately since a tent camping trip will require separate sleeping arrangements and miscounting by 1 might be a big deal if there’s no room in the tent!

I’d also like to see a by-patrol sorting/grouping on the linked attendance sheet…