Who's Going RSVP summary - separate Scouts and Adults, similar to "Guest Adults Guest Youth"

Right now it shows something like this:

“62 Going + 0 Youth Guests + 0 Adult Guests = 62 Total”

This is on the event summary for a calendar item.

Can you separate the as the example:

“40 Scouts over 12 yr + 10 Scouts 12 yr and under + 12 Adults + 0 Youth Guests + 0 Adult Guests = 62 Total”


40 Scouts over 12 yr
10 Scouts 12 yr and under
12 Adults
0 Youth Guests
0 Adult Guests
62 Total


LOVE this idea!!!

So often, I’ve just had to look through the list and count how many of the responders are adults. It’s usually very important for us to know not just the number of guests total, but how many are youth and how many are adults/leaders.

edited to add: wow, I just realized this idea is 3 months old. how am I the first to like/reply to it?!? :confounded:


Our needs are very similar, although for us the 12yo age distinction does not apply. (120 scout troop)
I think we has similar breakdown in our previous product. Helpfulf for overall supervsion ratio, and seeing which adults have committed.


Wouldn’t it be simpler for all the groups to have this break-down occur between parents and youths?

I like the idea in general, but the age of 12 has no distinction in our unit.



The age of 12 distinction for cost for entry fees for some activities (state park entrance fees, tickets for events, etc…) "12 and under = $5, over 12 = $10).

Brand new Scouts that cross over from Cub Scouts are either 10 or 11 years old.

It plays a part in our payment commitments.

I would be happy if the age of the Scout was in parenthesis next to the name like in the Manage > Patrol view.

Thank You,

Matthew Podraza

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I have had this same thought many times as I am counting the number of youth vs adults. You do get this information if you create an attendance sheet but it would be way more useful to have it right on the event page RSVP section.


I don’t know how I missed this. I started another thread with the same idea.

My playful mind is thinking a bar chart of the demographic is probably overkill, but there are times when having a distinction as to whether an event or hike is being attended by more younger or older scouts is valuable for the social dynamics.
There are also specific activities on some camps that under 12’s are excluded from, eg:

Our recent Top Gear camp only allowed over 12’s to drive the JDP (Junior Development Prog) cars, &
Our annual state camp only allows over 12’s to participate in air rifle shooting.

So I think the bins of aggregating the attendance counts proposed by MattP are well defined and worth applying to the RSVP screen. You’ve got my vote!

I am interested in an improvement in this area as well.

In our case, we need a distinct count or list of registered leaders (more important than simply “adults”).

It would be “nice to have” the rank or age of the registered youth participants on the event details page. Today I was scrolling through the attendance page to see the ranks of those who said Going.

If getting the counts of adults and girls of different ranks is not possible at this time, maybe making a visual distinction - registered leaders could be bold font, or red, or italics, etc., so that you can look and see quickly if you have enough leaders in attendance.

Please note that just because an adult has a role in the troop does not make him or her a registered leader. Some roles do not require being a registered leader (at least, in our troop, e.g., special events coordinator).

I support this idea as well, it would be very helpful to see at a glance for ratio planning.


We are going to be creating this feature and it will be done within a week. Stay tuned.


This just went live!

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Thank you, it is useful, immediate information this way.