RSVP name list presentation--suggested improvement

Right now when you see the cumulative RSVP list, it lists everyone from the troop in alphabetical order (sort of, alphabetical by last name, but the first name is presented first, that is okay however). The problem is that it does not break down by scouts and adults, but just lists everyone together as if they were all “in the troop.”

There IS a separate breakdown for youth guests and adult guests, but we rarely have those. For example, we have a rather robust campout in January and so far 36 attendees. 12 of those are adults. The RSVP breakdown states “36 Going + 0 Youth Guests + 0 Adult Guests = 36 Total.”

What is my recommendation? Have separate breakouts and columns for scouts and adults (and still keep the separate breakdowns for any invited guests). Why? It is the best way for the newer parents to get to know who is in the troop, who is the scout and who is the adult. Many of us “veterans” know of course, but newer parents might not.


I support this suggestion. We have a large troop with over 70 scouts and well over 100 adult leaders and parents so getting a count of adults who have RSVP’d for an event takes someone who’s very familiar with our membership. If the leader for an outing posts “at least 4 adults are needed” it’s hard for most folks to tell when that requirements been met.

Great suggestion!

Here is my conversation on the subject.

I was just discuss this issue with our troop board. We have an upcoming troop wide event and we have girls of all units and parent volunteers RSVPing. We have no quick way to sort the parents from the girls or even the girls into units. I know I can generate an attendance sheet but that’s an added step when I just need a quick glance view.