RSVP within event not working

I have been unable to change any RSVP for events. I saw the bug about the RSVP from within an email not working (it is still giving an error) but now when we try to RSVP from inside TT the “Save” button doesn’t work. Clicking it changes the color but it doesn’t actually click or do anything. So now it’s impossible to RSVP at all.


I’m having the same issue.

Yes, same issue and others have emailed me about it.

Same issue here. Cannot RSVP in any way for an event that some have already been able to RSVP for. Is there a glitch?

Yes, also unable to Save an RSVP reply entered within Troop Track or through the email announcement.

Same issue with SARTI events

Same for AHG CO1027.

Same issue for me and my Troop members

We are having same problems. Steve

Still a problem here last night and today again. I emailed troop track support too. It needs to get fixed.

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Still a problem here as well

Same here. Please advise.

Credit to our Scoutmaster for this work around:

go to the calendar event>attendance>record attendance/RSVPs>

Then go ahead and pick YES, NO, or MAYBE for anyone you want, then press update at the bottom of the member list.

That should allow you to put yes, no, or maybe for anyone on the invite list

Our troop is having the same issue.

Same issues for AHG MD0714.Email and within event RSVPs non-functional. We could enter from the Record Attendance, but invitees can’t do that for themselves.

Judy Riordon

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Same problem. Very frustrating!

Broken for T101 Greensboro as well.

Same Issue for MO4900…Very Frustrating!!!

Same for me vhtroop4.

Same issues for TN5624