RSVP without payment bug

Dear Dave,

Can you think of a reason why a user would be able to RSVP without paying when we have the box checked requiring payment? (I personally confirmed this is the case.)

This has happened more than once and is causing issues with our yearly recharter effort.

Kindly advise.


I am having the same issue. You’re not alone.

We are having the same issue of someone who RSVPed but there was no payment. Fortunately, they mailed me a check, but it would be easy to have someone slip through the cracks. Has this issue been resolved yet? Thanks for looking into it. (Tiburon Troop 48,

Hi everyone,

The reason that there’s no response to Joseph is because he submitted a ticket with the same question.

This is what I said:

What happens is people can click on the “purchase ticket” and this will go into their cart. They’ll be added to the event as “RSVP’d without paying” until they purchase the ticket in their cart. When you go to the “view payments” it’ll show them as RSVP’d without paying and you can charge them, or remove them from the event (if they never pay for the item in their cart).

In order to see who has paid for the event or not, and thus prevent them from slipping through the cracks, you can click on the event, then “details”. This will take you to the event page. There you can click on “attendance” and “view all payments”.


David Keener

This is very inconvenient and it seems to be a change from the behavior last year. We are also using this for our re-chartering and now I can still email all those that RSVPed but never paid.

Can we ‘enhance’ this if it is not a bug or bring it back to how it worked before?

It would be more convenient to have a list of people that paid!

Are there plans to fix this? We are having the same issue. And after teh event, they can go in and empty the cart and have never paid even though they attended. Unless we know this is happening and know to go in and force payment, we may not know it happens. We should not have to monitor our events for this. If we check the box that payment is required to Register, they users should not show as RSVP’d if they didn’t pay. Thanks

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Its almost a year since the first post and we are having the same issue. I have to go in at every event and make sure that people actually paid I would prefer there is no rsvp until a payment is made.

I am surprised the regular workflow of RSVP’s would not include going to the Payments page to make sure that all participants had paid for an event. I am curious what your workflow is then for your events? Also are you using PayPal or Stripe payment services?

Hi @adeelmysore,

Please see my previous reply to this post. You will need to make sure people are checking out with their carts, and on the “view payments” page you’re able to see who has and hasn’t paid.


David Keener