RSVPs-revise so event creator can RSVP on behalf of members

I would love it if I could RSVP for people. Some people are really bad at RSVPing but if I know they will be at an event, it would be really helpful if I had the ability to go in and RSVP for people. I can’t seem to find a way to do that.


If you go into the event and click on Record Attendance, you can RSVP for others that way.


That is fantastic. Thanks!!

You are very welcome!

Is the option to clear RSVP (setting it back to blank) available? It appears to be available in a choice of drop down menu, but when I change it to blank, it cannot be saved. It does allow me to change it from “yes” to “no”, etc. But not clear it out.

The reason for this request - we collected number of RSVPs and then our event had to be rescheduled. When we rescheduled the event (changed the date), all RSVPs came into a new event, which caused confusion…

I also think if you reschedule an event, automatic RSVP reset would be an appropriate option.

I’m having the exact same problem in the same use case. Can not change rsvps to blank.