SAR Achievements - Operational Tracker

Please add the following to Achievements for Tracking Technician (for groups TSAR and SARTI):

  1. Current CPR / First Aid certification
    2. Certificate of Completion for National Incident Management System Courses IS-100, IS-700, IS-800, IS-809
    3. National Park Service, Basic Search and Rescue Course
    4. Current certification as Search Team Member (STM) or equivalent.
    5. Documentation of all previous SAR Training supporting certification.
    6. Documentation that a Criminal Background Check has been completed within 3 years.
    7. Documented completion of designated Tracking Evaluation stations within 2 years.
    8. Position Task Book for Operational Tracker (7407.2) has been completed within 3 years.
    9. Active member in good standing with the above named group.

Hello? Anybody home?

As a fellow TroopTrack user, I was unaware that TroopTrack supported Search & Rescue units. I’ll forward this along to our unit as I think everything is currently managed on an excel spreadsheet. Thanks for your service and God bless.