FIXED: SAR Trooptrack - event hours no longer recorded

User #1: I just created a TT calendar event for the recent mission and noticed that Trooptrack may have removed the option to add hours for responder’s efforts.

User #2: I just checked prior entries and, after much futzing around, discovered the hours that we entered are still there. I could only find them by running an attendence report that includes hours; oddly, the reports all showed 0 miles even though there were entries otherwise. But I could not find any way to change or add hours to the older entries.

As a volunteer search and rescue group, we MUST be able to record hours and miles for every member for every event.

Please advise.

Jim Russell
Search and Rescue Tracking Institute
Tidewater Search and Rescue

Thanks @JamesARussell. I’m working on this now.

I’ve updated the event form to make sure hours and miles are always there for SAR units. I’ve also added it to the attendance report, which will be helpful. If it’s missing from anywhere else, please upload a screenshot so we can see where it is.

This fix will go live today.



Thanks for the quick response Dave!

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This is great, thanks!

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