BSA Training Course List Out Of Date / Missing Items

Every year after recharter, I make efforts to update the training records for all our members. In doing so, I discovered that the current list on TroopTrack is out of date and there are courses that do not show up at all. (at least on my screen)

The most recent Training Course List from BSA National is as-of 01/05/2021, so this really was just updated recently. Training Quicklinks | Boy Scouts of America

I put together a spreadsheet that matched this most recent course list (2021) to the last update that I was aware of (2019) and then cross-referenced that list to the list on TroopTrack. I have attached that file for your reference.

When I compared the 2021 list to 2019, I found that some courses were added and others were retired. I have highlighted those course accordingly. (Matched = Yellow / New = Orange / Retired = Red)

When I cross-referenced all of that to what is on TroopTrack, I put those notes off to the right side of the course in question. You’ll see that some courses need to be added to TroopTrack (“Not On TroopTrack”) and some courses do show up on the list but have no training code associated with it (“TroopTrack Shows Course But Missing Code”) .

Would it possible to update the Course List on TroopTrack to the most recent release?

  • Add any courses that do not show up on the TroopTrack list.
    (Maybe they already are but I can’t see them? If so could they please be made viewable?)
  • Rename any courses that are missing its code placing the code on the front of the name like the rest.
  • I would personally suggest keeping the retired courses on the list because they still show up on the Scouting Transcripts from BSA National for those who took them when the course was active. That way we will have a clean sync with National’s records with no holes.

I hope this is helpful in getting the TroopTrack training list back up to date with the most recent release. If you have any questions on what I did, I would be happy to help.

Thank you!

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I made an assumption that my previous spreadsheet might not be easy to copy and paste into your system when the course code and the course description are in separate cells. I did some legwork and created a single list of all the courses, new and old, with the code and description combined into one cell. This should make copy and paste much easier.

I noticed today that these courses have begun to show up in the list. However, these still do not have training codes associated with them. For instance, the sea scout AOWLS course shown below. The course code for this is CS98 but it does not show that. It would be nice if it showed up as “CS98 AOWLS”

The reason this is important is courses are grouped by program and there is an order to the course code. This would organize the courses in the list correctly by code/program instead of by the first few letters of the descriptions which throws things all over the place. It also makes it harder to search for courses when the course code is not included.

I revised the list on my previous post. Can the list on TroopTrack match that? ie Course Code followed by Course Description.

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Hi @JustinWeaver ,

I’ve been putting in these trainings and thought the course code was going along with them (there’s a box for them at least).

I’ve updated some to have the course code in front.

My concern is that a lot of the codes are S and a string of letters or numbers. I’m worried this will be hard for people to sort. Is including the training code at the beginning the best thing to do when many codes have the same letter at the beginning?

I was thinking of maybe putting them at the end so there’s the course and then the code afterwards?

Let me know what you think,

David Keener

Hi David,

If it were me I’d put the code in the front because there is actually a method to the madness in the code naming scheme. It groups similar and concurrent courses together as well as courses done one after the other. It also helps with data entry because when I pull a members training record this is what I see.


It’s much easier to search by the code than the course name. As I’m scrolling through the training list on TroopTrack I’m really just watching the course code numbers go by, which are organized alpha-numerically, and ignoring the course name completely. Once I find the code, I verify the name and then add that course to the member’s profile. Again, take for instance the SCO_601 course and the SCO_602 course shown in the screenshot below. Those are two courses that are all part of the same training module done at the same time. The course code keeps them together in the list but if the code doesn’t show up first, they are now separated in the list ; one under the “S’s” and one under the “P’s”.

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Hi @JustinWeaver ,

I believe I got all of those new ones in. Thanks for the lists they really helped!

Let me know if any are missing/out of place still.


David Keener


This is looking great! There are just a few items that need some editing to be in sync with the BSA National list. I cross-referenced the TroopTrack list to the BSA National list and here is what I found.

Courses That Are Listed On TroopTrack But Missing Code On Front
CS94 CD Preventing Youth on Youth Abuse
D86 Advanced Chaplain Training
H108 William T Hornaday Award Adviser Tr
H110 DYLC-Developing Youth Leadrshp Conf
H111 Roundtable Master of Comm Science
H112 Commissioner Impact Session
H113 Commissioner College CED
S110 Outdoor Ethics Orientation (Youth)
S111 Outdoor Ethics Orientation (Adult)
SCO_1003 What is Boy Scouting
SCO_1004 What is Cub Scouting
SCO_1012 District Committee Structure
SCO_1061 Community Campaign-Build I C 5 or Table Host Team
SCO_1085 Council Market Analysis
SCO_11016 District Meetings - District Committee Meeting v2
SCO_207 Cub Scout Program Overview - June 2015 and Beyond
SCO_270 BSA Standards and Volunteers
SCO_431 Aims and Methods of Scouts BSA
SCO_450 CS19 Welcome
SCO_451 CS19 Aims and Methods of Cub Scouting
SCO_452 CS19 Bobcat
SCO_453 CS19 Advancement
SCO_454 CS19 Cub Scout Uniforms
SCO_455 CS19 Conducting a Cub Scout Den Meeting
SCO_456 CS19 Resources
SCO_457 CS19 Den Management
SCO_459 CS19 Conducting a Pack Committee Meeting
SCO_460 CS19 Preparing Families for Outdoor Adventures
SCO_461 CS19 Keeping Cub Scouting Safe
SCO_462 CS19 Involving Adults in Cub Scouting
SCO_466 CS19 Continue the Journey
STEM STEM Scouts Adult Leader Training

Courses Not Listed/Showing On TroopTrack
SA Safety Afloat Classroom
SCO_430 Advancement for Scouts BSA
SCO_432 Annual Troop Program Planning for Scouts BSA
SCO_433 Ideals and Beliefs of Scouts BSA
SCO_434 Merit Badge Counselor Sign Up for Scouts BSA
SCO_435 Introduction to Merit Badges for Scouts BSA
SCO_436 Leader Uniforms for Scouts BSA
SCO_437 Outdoor Ethics for Scouts BSA
SCO_440 Patrol Method for Scouts BSA
SCO_441 Roles of Scoutmaster and SPL for Scouts BSA
SCO_442 Role of the Unit Key 3 for Scouts BSA
SCO_443 Scouting Organization for Scouts BSA
SCO_444 Troop Committee for Scouts BSA
SCO_445 Troop Committee Meetings for Scouts BSA
SCO_446 Troop Meeting for Scouts BSA
SCO_447 Uniforms for Scouts BSA
SCO_448 What is a Merit Badge Counselor for Scouts BSA
SCO_458 CS19 Conducting a Cub Scout Pack Meeting
SCO_463 CS19 Pack Structure
SCO_464 CS19 Denners and Den Chiefs
SCO_465 CS19 Childhood Development
SCO_467 CS19 Pack Finance
SCO_468 CS19 Annual Program Planning for Cub Scouting
SCO_469 CS19 Annual Charter Renewal Rechartering
SCO_472 Aims and Methods of Scouts BSA
SCO_476 Outdoor Programs
SCO_477 Patrol Leaders Council Meeting
SCO_478 Patrol Method
SCO_481 Scouting Organization
SCO_747 Unit Service Plan
SCO_800 Hazardous Weather Training

Duplicated Courses In TroopTrack List
CS99 Short-Term Camp Administrator-STCAT
D16 Area/Region Commissioner Basic Trng
SCO_216 Advancement Recognition and Recording
SCO_308 Registering and Renewing for Exploring
Y01 Youth Protection: BSA YPT

Move Code From End To Front
SCO_11027 Backdating v2
SCO_11040 Adult Applications v2
SCO_11043 Registration Fees v2

Wrong Course Name For The Code
P60 The Strategic Training Plan

Courses Out Of Order On TroopTrack List - At Top Of List For Some Reason
SCO_12003 Day One Overview
SCO_802 Safety Afloat

Need Space Between Code And Name
SCO_735 Contacting Units and Capturing Strengths/Need

Hi @JustinWeaver,

I was able to get those things corrected and fixed. There were some duplicates I couldn’t find though.

Also on the file you gave me P60 says “The Strategic Training Plan”. Is there another name for this?


David Keener

For P60, there are actually two courses listed under that code. I think one is a wrong.

For the duplicates, here are screenshots of what I’m seeing for D16 and Y01. The others seem to be cleared out. I also think we got rid of the wrong Youth Protection Course. There used to be 3 of the same listed. I’ve shared those below…
Correct Course = “Y01 Youth Protection Training Certification”
Duplicate Course = “Y01 Youth Protection: BSA YPT (1 yr)” - wrong because YPT is more than 1 year
Duplicate Course = “Youth Protection Training (YPT2)” - I’m not sure what this course is or was

Otherwise, this is awesome!! A great sync with the National catalog. Thanks so much for doing this! I know it’s probably tedious work.

I was working on updating training records this weekend and I found a few items that are not showing up in the TroopTrack list. Also some items seem to reverted back to what was last there before we did the revision. Could these be updated/added?

Course Not Listed In TroopTrack - Needs Added

  • A01 New Leader Essentials
  • S07 The Troop Meeting
  • S08 Troop Organization
  • S20 Boy Scout Leader Basic Training Complete
  • S21 Scoutmastership Fundamentals Complete
  • S73 Leader Outdoor Skills
  • C09 Webelos Den Leader Outdoor
  • SCO_431 Aims and Methods of Scouts BSA
  • SCO_439 Patrol Leaders Council Meeting for Scouts BSA
  • SCO_476 Outdoor Programs
  • C61 Webelos Den Leader Position Specific Training
  • C70 WEB Wolf/Bear Den Leader Fast Start
  • C73 WEB Tiger Cub Den Leader Fast Start
  • E20 Adult Explorer Leader Basic Training
  • H05 Boy Scout Leader Training
  • H20 Hispanic Awareness
  • J10 2010 National Scout Jamboree Staff Training
  • J11 2010 National Scout Jamboree Driver Training
  • SCO_15005 Youth On Youth Abuse
  • SCO_3008 Overview and Policies
  • SCO_3009 Sexual Abuse
  • SCO_3010 Bullying
  • SCO_3011 YPT Certification Test
  • SCO_400 Scouting Organization For Boy Scouting
  • SCO_401 Role Of The Unit Key 3 For Boy Scouting
  • SCO_402 Aims & Methods Of Boy Scouting
  • SCO_403 Ideals & Beliefs Of Boy Scouting
  • SCO_404 Scoutmaster & Patrol Leaders For Boy Scouting
  • SCO_405 Patrol Method For Boy Scouting
  • SCO_406 Outdoor Programs For Boy Scouting
  • SCO_407 Advancement For Boy Scouting
  • SCO_408 Uniforms For Boy Scouting
  • SCO_409 Leader Uniforms For Boy Scouting
  • SCO_410 Patrol Leaders Council Meeting For Boy Scouting
  • SCO_411 Troop Meeting For Boy Scouting
  • SCO_412 Troop Committee For Boy Scouting
  • SCO_413 Troop Committee Meetings For Boy Scouting
  • SCO_414 Annual Planning For Boy Scouting
  • SCO_415 Intro To Merit Badges For Boy Scouting
  • SCO_416 Merit Badge Counselors For Boy Scouting
  • SCO_417 Merit Badge Counselors Sign Up For Boy Scouting
  • SCO_418 Outdoor Ethics For Boy Scouting
  • WCF4 Pack Committee Fast Start
  • WCF7 Scout Parents Unit Coordinator Fast Start
  • WPFS Venturing Fast Start

Duplicated Courses With No Code - Needs Removed

  • Short Term Camp Administrators-STCAT
    Duplicated Course With CS99

  • What Is Cub Scouting
    Duplicated Course With SCO_1004

  • CS19 Pack Structure
    Duplicated Course With SCO_463

  • Youth Protection Training (YPT2)
    Duplicated Course With Y01

  • Master Trainer Conference
    Not A Course

Courses That Are In TroopTrack But Missing Code - Needs Updated
All of these fall under the CS19 Lineup. I think they were updated but reverted back to not showing the SCO code at some point.

  • CS19 Advancement
    Should Be: SCO_453 CS19 Advancement

  • CS19 Aims and Methods of Cub Scouting
    Should Be: SCO_451 CS19 Aims and Methods of Cub Scouting

  • CS19 Bobcat
    Should Be: SCO_452 CS19 Bobcat

  • CS19 Conducting a Cub Scout Den Meeting
    Should Be: SCO_455 CS19 Conducting a Cub Scout Den Meeting

  • CS19 Conducting a Pack Committee Meeting
    Should Be: SCO_459 CS19 Conducting a Pack Committee Meeting

  • CS19 Continuing the Journey
    Should Be: SCO_466 CS19 Continuing the Journey

  • CS19 Cub Scout Uniforms
    Should Be: SCO_454 CS19 Cub Scout Uniforms

  • CS19 Den Management
    Should Be: SCO_457 CS19 Den Management

  • CS19 Denners and Den Chiefs
    Should Be: SCO_464 CS19 Denners and Den Chiefs

  • CS19 Involving Adults In Cub Scouting
    Should Be: SCO_462 CS19 Involving Adults in Cub Scouting

  • CS19 Keeping Cub Scouting Safe
    Should Be: SCO_461 CS19 Keeping Cub Scouting Safe

  • CS19 Preparing Families for Outdoor Adventures
    Should Be: SCO_460 CS19 Preparing Families for Outdoor Adventures

  • CS19 Resources
    Should Be: SCO_456 CS19 Resources

  • CS19 Welcome
    Should Be: SCO_450 CS19 Welcome

Small Updates

  • SA Safety Afloat Classroom
    Needs 2 Year Expiration Date Added. Currently shows “Never Expires”.
  • SCO_802 SA Safety Afloat
    Could drop the SA. Would be SCO_802 Safety Afloat
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Hi @JustinWeaver,

I got those updated/added in. Some of them I did have added in, but they weren’t put on any units. This most likely happened as I added them before, but didn’t assign them.

You should be seeing them in now. For me I saw that the preparing families for outdoor adventures had the code already. Are you seeing one without the code?


David Keener

I just want to say, I know this is tedious work and I’m probably asking a lot. Thank you for all you are doing with this!

There are only 4 trainings that are still needing updating or adding…

  • SCO_401 Role of the Unit Key 3 for Boy Scouting
  • SCO_456 CS19 Resources
    (The course is there but missing SCO code)
  • SCO_459 CS19 Conducting a Pack Committee Meeting
    (The course is there but missing SCO code)
  • SCO_460 CS19 Preparing Families for Outdoor Adventures
    (The course is there but missing SCO code)
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Hi @JustinWeaver,

I got those codes and that course added. I don’t know how I missed some of these in the sheet, but thanks for your patience and helping me get this updated!

-David Keener

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