Training Records List Incomplete

Hello… I was hoping someone could help me. I started entering our pack training records into TroopTrack and noticed some of the training classes were not in the list. Maybe I just missed it and need pointed in the right direction. FYI, these are the courses I could not find:

SCO_226 Leading Pack Meetings
SCO_212 Leader Uniform
SCO_213 Cub Scout Insignia
SCO_211 Cub Scout Uniform
SCO_221 Youth Leadership Positions
SCO_208 Leading Den Meetings
SCO_203 Den Discipline
SCO_232 Understanding Boys in the Den
SCO_230 Den Chief Roles and Responsibilities

Thank you for your assistance TroopTrack Community!!!

Hello Patrick @ptemberton

I added these trainings. Thanks so much for letting us know what we are missing!

Thank you Melissa!!! All is good on this one!!