We need a new canned report for OA candidates

With the provider we used before converting to Troop Track, we had the ability to create a report for “OA Eligibility”, where the system would search through Scout & Leader records to see who met the criteria for election. It would search only non-OA members. It is a pretty simple report, and one I think many Troop would find useful this time of year when we do elections for OA.
Please read the criteria for OA election, then get back to me.
Once again, not being able to filter results or choose our own criteria for custom reports raises its ugly head.

Manage > Reports > OA Eligibility

Please review that and feel free to suggest any enhancements to it.

So it was there all along and my dumb ass didn’t see it?Matt, you must be getting used to me by now!

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It’s pretty new, only about a month old, I think.

The report doesn’t seem to be calculating all of the “nights”.