Send Invitations 3 Weeks Before

It would be so helpful if there was an option to send invites 21 days before an event. Waiting until 14 days before isn’t quite enough because families are so busy, and a month prior is a bit too far in advance. Thanks!


Okay, so here we are a year later and the send invitations button is still pretty limited. While I’m not opposed to adding a 3-week/21-day option, I consider that a stopgap/compromise.

How about a set of number of days, but a second option to enter a date or number of days in advance? That would really be ideal. I mean, let me put it on the schedule as to when to do send the invitations.


And if you look through the ideas category, you’ll find multiple requests that are along these lines. A set of common preselects is nice, but manual control is even nicer :slight_smile: