Send out Surveys

At the end of the year, we like to talk to the parents and scouts to find out how we can improve.

In the past we have used something like Survey Monkey.

It would be nice, if we could send out a Survey via TT.

Keep up the great work!


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I like this idea, but I think it would be important to provide a method for the parent to provide “anonymous” feedback somehow. Perhaps they still have to sign in to prove they’re providing feedback for the right pack/troop, but they could be given a checkbox at the top of the page that says “Submit this response anonymously”, the response would be recorded as any other but not associated with the user account anywhere that is visible to the pack/troop admins.

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Definitely agree!!! It would be nice to know what parents would like. My only suggestion would be to add to the “anonymous” feedback is to have them check off their level. It would help us tailor our units to family needs/desires better!!

Thanks guys,

Agreed it has to be anonymous. I guess I left that part out. :slight_smile:


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Thanks for your idea! Something that may help you out is Google Forms. All you need to provide your users is a link to your survey and you can log in later to view the results. Google Forms has far more features that we could provide and is free to use!

Hope this helps a bit!

  • Coleman


Thanks Coleman. I wasn’t aware of Google Forms. We are using Survey Monkey.



But why force people to leave this program? It is hard enough to get parents to check here let alone another.

Hi TIffany,

The cool thing about Google Forms is that they don’t have to check it. As a leader you create a survey, attach the link to an email which you send out to parents and then they click on the link and complete your survey. I don’t even think they need to login.

Due to us not having a survey feature, this gives you an option that you can use immediately and you don’t have to wait on our developers to create, test, and debug something brand new.

  • Coleman

I would really like to have this feature!