Set LEVEL at the Patrol, and members Inherit the level of the patrol they are in

One of my favorite features in TroopTrack is the drag and drop boys from one patrol to another. In most cases, the patrols are tied to a level (i.e. Scouts, Varsity, Venturing), and this works well for moving boys on to the next level.

We have a lot of boys, and are breaking them up into the BSA recommended Patrol sizes of 6-8 patrols. I have enabled LEVEL (LDS Settings) in TroopTrack. Letting me designate the LEVEL of each member (SCOUTS, VARSITY, VENTURING).

I would like the ability to set the LEVEL at the Patrol, and when a member is moved from one patrol to another, I would like that member to inherit the LEVEL value of the patrol. This way, when I promote a boy from Scouts to Varsity, I just drag and drop them into a Varsity Patrol and it is done.

This is not a bad idea but I think it would be better applied to roleā€¦ SPL, ASPL, TG, QM, Scribe Leader, etc