Moving more than one scout between patrols

It would be great if I could select more than one scout at a time when adjusting patrols. We have tons of members, and having to select and move 1 scout at a time is quite painful.


Hi @Eoin,

I’m going to have to investigate. Most troops have the “Promote” button that allows you to move many scouts at once. I’ll get back to you when I find out what’s happening.

Promote might work for Cub Scouts, but we have Boy Scouts that move between patrols and yes - at the beginning of the school year they often move in bulk. I wasn’t looking forward to re-sorting the patrols one-by-one next week. :slight_smile:

We shuffle patrols every year… and is very tedious.

Today I had to work around another bug,

by creating a ParentPatrol. I had to move a bunch of people from “unassigned” patrol to the new ParentsPatrol… that was a real pain moving them one at a time!