Shared household money Account

Our troop would like to be able to create a Household money account to be shared by all members of a household. One member would be the owner, but all members of the household could draw on the account to pay for events. How do I do that?


Our troop is just starting to use the money management features and tying it to event payment. I wish the documentation on all of this were a little better. Can a member of a household charge a event payment to an account owned by another member of the household? That seems to be the case but wanted to verify.

If so, that answers my original question about shared household accounts.

Almost there but not quite. My son and I will be going on a camping trip.

  1. I paid for the event for myself from his money account.
  2. I then paid for his fee from his money account.
  3. I checked the transaction log on my sons account and it show the two transactions but it does not show who was being paid for.
  4. I checked the troop account and have the same problem. Two payments show up but they don’t show who was being paid for. There is the Payee (event) and the charged account, but not the beneficiary of the payment.

I think it is important to display the beneficiary (best title I can think of) so folks can tell from the transaction log who they were paying for.

I know you must have this information because you have the ability to reverse the transaction with a refund.

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