Allow multiple parents to review household balances


We have a curse! A couple of our Scouts have families where mom AND dad are involved in the Troop! What we would love to see happen is that you can assign a household’s money accounts to more than one adult.

Our use case involves a mom logging into Trooptrack more often than the dad where theres been a high adventure balance hanging out which has been tied to the dad’s account unbeknownst to the mom. Having money accounts for a household tied to mom AND dad would help resolve this.

As we have dug into Trooptrack abilities to tie accounts to users, it looks like this is our constraint:

This would an amazing feature and I hope it is included in the future!

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I second the Idea of having the ability for more than one “owner” or at least getting notifications in the household.

I have found somewhat of a work around where the second parent can check the Money Account Balance by going to, since they are part of the same household they will be able to see the Money Account. Its not ideal as they will have to manually go into it but it does give them this ability.