Description of payment from adult

Issue: When a parent pays from their trooptrack account for their child, the description only shows who paid, not who the payment was made for. I have to backtrack to the payments tab on the event to see who paid, and this still doesn’t confirm who paid for them. Please have system recognize who it is being paid for and note this when it processes.

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Hi @PhillipKivel,

Correct me if I am wrong. Do you mean when a parent makes a deposit? Or do you mean something like paying and RSVPing for an event? Or something else?

If you are talking about a parent making a deposit, they should have household access and should make the deposit on their child’s account and not their own. That should remove some of the confusion. A parent needs to have their own money account for situations where they need to pay for something for themselves.

Let me know if I’m just not understanding.

Thank you.

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