SOLVED: Can't print attendance sheet

We normally print out our attendance sheet after each meeting just to have a hard copy. There is no way to do this without having 7 pages of menus at the beginning… and the attendance info now takes up 3 pages instead of 1. Is there a way to make it print the page the way you see it after you save your attendance (like it used to do)?

Hi @AmySummerlin1. On the event details page, click “Attendance” then click “Print Attendance Sheet” and you will be able to customize the attendance sheet and get a nice PDF.

This is not working. I have entered everyone that attended. The default shows everyone that RSVP’ed. I want everyone that attended, so I unchecked that box. It now lists everyone in the troop! I need a printout if who was there! I used to be able to print the meeting details page. It all printed on one page. Now when I try to print that page (which still looks like it always has), it prints on 11 pages! It has 7 pages of all of the site menus expanded (with links). I would like for it to print it how it looks on the screen… the way it used to.