How do the attendance sheets work?

Our troop rarely uses the attendance sheets b/c we have problems with it putting all our girls names on it. This morning we had a troop wide service event. One of the coordinators for the event went in and printed a sign in sheet to use. It didn’t print everyone. At first I thought it just didn’t print the families who forgot to RSVP, but upon closer inspection, I can’t find why it didn’t put certain people on there. Some of the families left off had RSVP’d as coming, some had not. It also included some people who had RSVP’d as No. It is almost as if TT just chose random people on there to not include.

Is it possible to modify the sign in sheets to list only those who RSVP’d yes or had no response?

Names assigned to an event, and subsequently to the attendance sheet, seem to be assigned based on the available roster at the time of the event’s creation. If we add people to the roster later, they do not show up. We have to recreate the event on the calendar each time we add a person. I have reported this behavior at least two years ago, but it persists.