Some new categories of "Leadership" (responsibilities) for volunteers

When entering a volunteer’s “Leadership” roles, may I suggest the following new ones:
New Members Coordinator
Floater/Substitute leader
Parades Coordinator
TroopTrack / Database Manager
Color Guard / Flag Ceremonies
Snack/Meal Ordering
Welcome Table Assistant
Public Relations & Media
Care / Blessing Squad
Social Events Coordinator

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Perhaps it would be more helpful to enable units to create their own custom leadership positions. That would be cool.


@melissa, will you please look into this? Thank you.

Hello @LynnLewis

I added these to our Leadership Positions. :slight_smile:

Love this idea!! The flexibility to create our own leadership positions allows us to customize the positions available to each troop. What my troop needs, another AHG troop may not need.

We like this idea.

The cost of building this feature would be about $800.


If I had the $800, it would be yours!!! :smiley: :wink:

@melissa But since I don’t, can I get the girl leadership positions listed below added? These are all new positions for our Pi/Pa’s this year.

TEAM Captain (new Girl position from National)
Junior Troop Hostess
Junior Flag Ceremony Coordinator
Junior Meeting Setup Coordinator
Junior Shepherd
Junior Service Coordinator Assistant
Junior SWAPS Coordinator
Junior Graphic Designer
Junior Bless Our Charter Coordinator

And if I’m not pushing the limit these to the Adult Positions:
Childcare Coordinator
Board of Review Committee
Outdoor Skills Unit Leader
Floating Leader
Court of Awards Committee


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When will these new postings populate? eg trooptrack / database manager

Is there a help doc on the leadership positions?

Eg. do I give every parent the “Parent” position?

$800 out of my personal checkbook is serious cash. If this were the cost estimate for an enhancement for the company I work for it would be insanely cheap. I don’t know where this estimate is on TT’s scale. I read Dave’s post that he is thinking about added an estimate to every request. I suppose I could emulate my job and come up with an estimate of cost savings to come up with an ROI. Actually forget I said that. It is one of the least favorite parts of my job.

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We don’t really expect you to fork over this money. We really just want to give people a better idea of what they are asking for. It can be easy to ask for a feature, but implementation can be costly for us. Like Dave said, we are considering a point system for TroopTrack users where you can vote with your points and if there’s enough within a certain time limit, we will develop the feature.

I know! I totally get it. My hubby programs and does estimates for project costs for IBM. He has explained the whole process to me. :wink: It makes my head spin. Most of the time I forget that it really does take a lot of work to make “simple” code changes. He often reminds me that what seems simple in my eyes is really an overhaul of coding and a lot of time!

But it would be worth it for my troop to do that! If only we could donate the $$. Wonder if National would approve AHG troops doing fundraising for TT to implement features that have been voted with the most points as “Totally AWESOME We Need This Feature”? :smiley: It would be a win/win situation.

It’s really amazing the amount of growth I’ve seen in TT just in the last year. And that is just on the AHG side of it. I can’t imagine all the hours and hours you guys put into it for all the different scouting groups. We really do appreciate it all, even if we get a little antsy for some cool new features!!

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All ROI posts will be deleted! I swear it! :smiley:

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I added the positions you requested! Have a great weekend!

Thank you for the kind words! We have really been pleased with the success we’ve had among AHG troops - you’re all so nice!

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Thanks @melissa !! I’ll be able to get all my registration and Leadership stuff finished off tonight!! YAY!!! You ROCK!!

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THANK YOU for adding the new positions! I love them!! Bless you guys!

With gratitude,
Lynn Lewis
AHG VA-0312

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Love the new leader positions! Can you please also add Unit Shepherd to the list? (I see you have Assistant Troop Shepherd.)

Help! From AHG VA-0312–I hope you’ll forgive me for posting here, but I
can’t seem to find any other other way to reach TroopTrack. Our
subscription expired, and I never received any renewal notices. So I didn’t
realize it was expiring, and now we can’t access the troop’s page, or even
log in to renew! How can I renew our subscription? THANKS in advance!!! -
Lynn Lewis, Virginia


I’ve reactivated your account for a day. Please log in and go to Manage > Settings > TroopTrack Subscription or press the red expiration warning bar at the top of the page.

In the future, if you need to contact us, the community is a great place to do it (though in a new topic, please) or you may email us: