Some new categories of "Leadership" (responsibilities) for volunteers

Would it be possible to add leadership titles? I would love to see leadership titles: Assistant Treasurer, NOVA Counselor, Assistant NOVA Counselor and Summer Activities Coordinator. Pretty pretty please :slight_smile:

Hi @JasmyneMartinez,

Please start a new post under the ideas category. Let us know your Troop Type (BSA, AHG, etc) and list the positions and we’d be glad to put those up.


I don’t see the TroopTrack / Database Manager, or any trooptrack admin related leadership role.

Hi @DamionTerrell,

The original request came from an AHG Troop so we made them available to our AHG Customers. For boy scouts, that role typically falls under “Webmaster” but we’d be glad to add a new one if you’d like.

Webmaster seems more geared toward those maintaining the troops website, for example an eager scout with guidance of parent or ASM. User account and permission maintenance has definitely been a demanding enough role.

Well I’d be glad to add another position if you’d like. Just tell me what you’d like it called.

For permissions, the best way to deal with that is let everyone have the default access level:

Scout = Self
Parent = Household
Den/Patrol Leader = Den/Patrol
Scoutmaster/Account Owner = Unit

Then, identify initial privileges. Den/Patrol leaders need to be able to mark achievements and create events (maybe, for example). Then, don’t give any more until it’s needed. Good safety measure is to not allow for access unless there is an actual need for it. If you go through and try to guess who might need what eventually, it can be cumbersome.