Importing Scoutbook csv duplicates Patrol membership

Every time that I import the scout (youth) csv from scoutbok, it adds the scout to the patrol again. The patrol name shows up duplicated on the scout’s profile page, and the patrol page shows each scout multiple times.

Is all of the information for BSA ID, First Name, Last Name all the same? I am not sure what specific fields are required to match to allow an update vs a new entry, perhaps @dave can shed some light on that?
I am curious why you are importing information from ScoutBook multiple times? I just want to understand other workflows to be able to better assist any TT users in how they use TT.

I messaged Dave off list and he said first they try and match via BSA ID then name for an FYI. I read your post again and realized you were saying it just shows the same Youth multiple times on the Patrol Page and shows the Patrol multiple times in the Profile so no new youth is created. Just to make sure have you done a complete refresh of the TT page and or logged out and back in again, I have had times where there were weird issues that were only present until doing a refresh especially dealing with the Patrol page?

We import multiple times to make sure the scout’s information stays in sync with Scoutbook, so updates don’t need to be made manually in both systems. This was also standard operating procedure for syncing SOAR with Scoutbook.

You are correct that the scouts are not being duplicated. It is only the reference between the scouts and the patrols that is duplicated.

Logging in and out didn’t fix it. The only thing that fixes it is to edit the Registration Info on each scout.

Thank you for the clarification about the Patrol info, I will pass it along to Dave.

I am curious what data is updated in ScoutBook that needs to be synced back to TT?

In our use of TT we have no need to use any of the features of ScoutBook. We are able to track everything in TT and then upload achievements into and that updates ScoutBook with Youth advancements. Our use of TT pre-dated BSA’s purchase of ScoutBook so we never had any experience with it so just kept going with TT after that acquisition. I did look at SB to see if it could replace TT, as trying to be Thrifty, however I did not see enough feature parity in SB to warrant leaving TT.

Hey @AaronStorey I’m seeing this too - whenever I import Scouts.csv and then visit the Patrol list, each Scout will be added multiple times to the patrol - I’m confident the BSA ID’s are all correct. I noticed this because the Patrols had literally 20+ instances of each Scout :slight_smile:

I did speak with Dave about this and he said he would work on it and it should be a relatively easy fix.

Aaron, I think we were so used to the SOAR integration (one-way from Scoutbook) that we never thought about pushing advancements from TroopTrack. After the ASMs are comfortable with TroopTrack, it could be beneficial if the parents only have to learn one UI.

The other possible benefits are:

  1. Adding (possibly also deactivating) scouts without having to edit the CSV to get rid of the already imported scouts.
  2. Automatically linking parents. SOAR used the scout CSV file’s Parent_1_Email, Parent_2_Email, and Parent_3_Email. The email can be entered incorrectly, but it is a little bit more reliable than matching street addresses for Households.

While it is not perfect TT can really be used as a complete system and then export out Advancements (IA2.0).