Text Message Sprint/T-Mobile Merger

Is anyone experiencing any issues with sending text messages to either Sprint or T-Mobile customers with the ongoing merger between the two companies?

My understanding on how the text messages work here on TroopTrack is it actually sends an ““email”” with the address being “PhoneNumber@CarrierCode.com/net/txt/etc”

With the two companies merging, I’m curious if the backend text ““email”” for those customers would change without anyone knowing and therefore text messages from TroopTrack would not be received.


Hi @JustinWeaver,

For now it seems like the two companies are slowly merging together. On their website it says: “Both brands will continue to exist and over time everything will evolve to T-Mobile. Beginning August 2, both companies will begin unifying under the T-Mobile brand for the first time. While T-Mobile will emerge as the combined companies’ flagship brand in retail, web and advertising, Sprint customers will experience a slower transition, seeing the brands represented as a combined company in their direct communications and on the website when doing Sprint account maintenance. Account maintenance and management will not change for Sprint customers at this time!”

Here’s the link to their FAQ. Are any of your users having issues getting texts and they’re sprint customers?


David Keener