Text messages going to some people but not everyone

I sent out a text message to everyone in the troop Friday. I didn’t get the text (I’m on T-mobile). Liz in the troop didn’t get it either. (She’s on Mint Mobile.) So she sent one on Saturday. Again, neither of us got it.
Today we found out Katie (on Verizon) got BOTH texts (plus the added texts saying who sent them), as did Heather (on AT&T).
When Katie used the reply link from the text I sent, I did not receive the reply.
Any ideas what’s happening or when this might be fixed?

A Google Fi family also did not receive the texts.

Sounds like an issue with the T-Mobile (Both Mint and Google Fi) use T-Mobile’s network. As to the reply, I don’t believe you can reply to texts sent from Trooptrack. Or at least it’s never worked for me.

There were some changes to how texts were going out. I let Dave know this is happening. The ability to reply was added recently.

Interesting. I didn’t realize Mint and Google Fi were on T-mobile networks. So it must be something with the way the texts are communicating with that network in particular?

Is that what you told Dave about? Thanks, Aaron!

A verizon user did use the reply feature… which i’m sure would’ve worked if I were on Verizon, AT&T, etc… :wink:

I just let him know about this thread.