Thank You 2017

Hi @Dave and All

Just wanted to thank the TroopTrack team for all the constant improvements. Even though we don’t see them all, it’s a good indicator of a healthy product.

For anyone that wants to pile on - maybe pile-on to this thread, and/or visit this one I posted on Facebook @Cub Scout Volunteers

(sorry, it’s a closed group,and maybe not relevant to all! Anyway, if you’re a Cub Scout volunteer you might enjoy this group, which I have nothing to do with besides skimming the posts from time to time)

Hope everyone’s doing well. Thanks again, @Dave and Team



You’re such a nice guy @njmike!

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The Facebook post probably earned them a few subscriptions. That was nice of you. I’ve upvoted and will post a comment later on. Like most of us, I have my own list of things I wish TroopTrack would improve - but I realize it’s a relatively small company, and I still think it’s far better than ScoutBook.


And subscriptions are nice, but it’s nice to hear when things are working, too. I’m in IT and it’s extremely rare to get thanks for keeping things running. It’s not enough to “just know” that no complaints means everything’s going well.

No. No.

My pack used Scoutbook for the past 2 years to track advancement, along with ScoutLander for calendar, forms, and communication. We wanted one service to consolidate everything and make it easy accessible. PackMaster would have worked, but I wanted a true online service so nobody in the pack had to install software on their home computer (that worked great in 1990!). I also wanted a service from a company, not from an individual doing it as a side job. TroopTrack fit those criteria. Is TroopTrack perfect? No. But it’s a great value for the money and it keeps getting better every day. Being able to interact directly with the company – and be listened to and taken seriously – is also a huge benefit.

I will give Scoutbook credit in one thing: The look of the awards is pretty. Seeing all the pictures of the various awards your scout has earned looks nice. But the pretty looks don’t make the system work any better.