Reports improvement

@dave… I hope you don’t mind me posting in your TroopTrack labs category but I want to post a topic that I think is very important and severely lacking in TroopTrack.

I have now spent 4 months actively using TroopTrack after our transition off TroopMaster. In general I give TroopTrack an A+ compared to your competitor. Except when it comes to reporting. I hate to say it but the reporting in TroopTrack is nowhere near as “useful” as what I could get out of TroopMaster. Putting my finger on the specifics is hard. Except to say that every time I have tried to replicate a TroopMaster report, I am rarely able to. I usually have to come up with some kludged method to get what I want. Perhaps it is because TroopMaster was mainly focused on Boy Scouts. I don’t know what it is but they have you beat, hands down in this category. I am “all in” with TroopTrack. I have taken some flak on what my Troop considers to be “missing funcitonality”. Primarily because it is easy to argue how you are better in so many ways. But this category needs work. Maybe others will disagree with me. But I think you should take some time reviewing TroopMaster reports against what can easily be done in TroopTrack and you will see what I am talking about. I am posting here because you seem to have an open mind and are looking at your email capability and rebuilding it. I would suggest “reporting” as another area of focus in the future. I hope you take this in the spirit it was meant. I love the product and think it can get even better. Thanks for listening.


I fully concur with Steve and his comments regarding the reporting (or lack thereof) built into Troop Track. As a past user of TroopMaster, it is important for units to have the capability to extract data about their membership, from a variety of different views. Since it is very difficult to create a “canned” report to serve all interests, my ask is to enable an open database reporting capability that allows users to create custom reports. Included with the open database, should be the ability to apply custom filters. The “openness” of the DB reporting should be built around the inherent permission level within TT. One last point - I’m not sure how it is with other TL units and their COR involvement, however, when it comes to reporting, the ability to pull all data fields should be accessible to the key unit roles and not limited to the COR. Worse case if TL believes oversight is necessary, it to make this a delegatable capability from the COR to select unit members.