The TroopTrack Community is now LIVE!

We have officially launched, our new forum for TroopTrack users. It is integrated with TroopTrack so you can access it with your TroopTrack account.
Community replaces several TroopTrack features including:

  • User Guide
  • Product Updates
  • portions of the Help Desk

Community is now official mechanism for suggesting new features and reporting bugs - we will no longer use the help desk for that. Help desk tickets will be reserved for specific problems that require sharing personally identifiable information or are otherwise not solvable via Community.

Additionally, the way you submit help desk tickets has changed. Prior to submitting a help desk ticket you will be prompted to search Community for help with your problem.

We hope these changes will help you get answers more quickly and allow us to focus our customer service efforts where they are needed most.

Please share this announcement with your leaders so they will not be surprised when they see these changes.

Best wishes,
~ Dave


Hi Dave & Team,

Since switching over to the community (It’s great by the way!), the little red bell on the top of my screen is stuck with (2) showing, I can only assume it is still a relic of the previous support portal.

I have a condition that always compels me to clear notification indicators called GTD (Getting things done) Syndrome (thanks to Apple iOS)…and it’s driving me nuts!!

Ok more seriously though, are you able to clear that little nagging (2) on my notification indicator?

Thanks & Regards
Roscoe van Muylwyk

It’s on our to-do list @roscoevm!

Excellent! Thanks Dave