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If we have a question about how to do something that pertains to one of the user guide topics that have already been posted but not answered in it do you want us to reply to that topic or start a new one?

Yes! :slight_smile:

I think we will refine this over time, but for now just post it as a reply if you are asking for clarification about something that was written, otherwise post it as a new topic.



If we have suggestions for improvements to a function that has a user guide topic - should we post it as a reply to that user guide topic? Same for bugs?

What about bugs or improvements we already posted to the old system?


Hi Amorak. All suggestions for improvements should go in the Ideas category. All bugs should go in the Bugs category.

As far as bugs/improvements you posted in the old system, feel free to re-post them here. If other people comment on them it could increase their priority in our work queue.

~ Dave

Is there a way to view a list of all badges that have been completed by members of a unit during a certain time period? For example: all badges earned by Tenderhearts in the last 2 years…not who earned them, but simply what badges girls in this unit have done already. This would really help in planning.