A truckload of improvements (6/3/2016)

Things have been really busy here - we’ve released a lot of improvements but have forgotten to shout about them. In no particular order, here they are:

  1. Record attendance now lists all past events by default and you can define your own date range for events to show.
  2. Certain user profiles were crashing. This is fixed.
  3. In some cases empty patrols were disappearing. This is fixed.
  4. We made multiple improvements to the efficiency and accuracy of displaying members by patrols in various places.
  5. TurboNET roster import now imports adventure loops and pins.
  6. We improved our automated integration test suite that runs every time we change the code so that it has broader coverage of TroopTrack features.
  7. In some cases the app would crash when you edited vehicles. This is fixed.
  8. We made numerous improvements to public events, an alpha-only feature that isn’t yet available to everyone. The general idea here is that you can sell tickets to an event directly to the general public, not just members of your troop.
  9. The troop documents page was crashing for certain users. This is fixed.
  10. For AHG troops, the achievements tab on the user profile now defaults to the current level of the girl.
  11. We now remove blank categories from the troop document category list.
  12. Users can now edit and delete vehicles they own, regardless of privileges.
  13. Our staff now have the ability to quickly un-merge user accounts as needed.
  14. We’ve improved the integration between TroopTrack and Community in multiple ways.
  15. Double-clicking on certain menu items was causing errors. This is fixed.
  16. We fixed the calendar ICS feed to use troop timezones.
  17. If a user had an assignment on a check list or sign up sheet and the user was deleted, the sign up sheet/check list would crash. This is fixed.
  18. We updated our contact page to reflect recent staffing changes we have made.
  19. If you click on a link to a private web page and you aren’t logged in, it will redirect you to that page after you log in if you are a member of the troop. Otherwise it will redirect you to the public web site.
  20. A troop can now choose whether PayPal/Stripe transaction fees are paid by the troop or the member making payment. This is under Manage -> Settings -> Payment Settings.
  21. If a user only has one type of achievement on their profile, we no longer show achievements as a tabbed view.
  22. Previously a user could add guests to an RSVP without indicating whether they would be attending or not. This is no longer allowed.
  23. Previously a user could add a negative number of guests when they RSVPd. No more.
  24. Some events were not showing up on newsletters. This is fixed.
  25. Event agendas were running off the page when printed. Fixed!
  26. The year-at-a-glance view was hard to read, so we made the table striped.
  27. You can now choose to see empty households on Manage -> Members -> Households.
  28. Event messages could not be sent for events that don’t require you to RSVP. This is fixed.
  29. LDS troops were unable to add Varsity and Venturing awards. This is fixed.
  30. We’ve improved the instructions for printing award cards on our perforated card stock.
  31. We’ve added the product updates listing back on the main site as well as community.
  32. Meeting schedules now have a rich text editor for the description field.
  33. Upgrading or downgrading completed BSA ranks now preserves the completed on date of the award.

Phew. I’m spent. Have a great weekend.


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Much better. It was impossible to catch up with the latest updates because everytime someone commented on an old one it got resorted to the top.

Often it is helpful just to see the list of updates in order they were completed.

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Dave, thanks so much for all the hard work! As someone who uses Stripe, I am especially excited about # 20.

[quote]PayPal/Stripe transaction fees are paid by the troop or the member making payment. This is under Manage -> Settings -> Payment Settings.

I saw this last night and quickly turned it on and tested it. It works! Thanks so much :slight_smile: One minor detail caught my eye. The popup box informing the user about the .25 cent charge only references Paypal and not Stripe. Can you please change the message to include Stripe. Please see below-



When we schedule an event, can we remove this feature completely? It causes alot of confusion in our Troop.

Hi @CynthiaLundstrom,

Which feature are you referring to? RSVP as a whole, or adding guests, or something different?

Thank you!

RSVP as a whole. Here is the question that my Scoutmaster poses:
It is possible to remove the “Adult plus ___ guest” and “Scout plus ___ guests” option on the sign up page in TT? I’d like to get rid of that so we know exactly who is going on each campout. If someone wants their Eagle Scout uncle or whatever to come along that’s probably fine but I would like them to go straight through me instead of just signing them up themselves.

Hi @CynthiaLundstrom,

When you create a new event (or you can go in and edit your existing events), go to the “Advanced” tab and check the option for “Handle RSVPs outside of TroopTrack”.

Also make sure you uncheck “RSVP Required” on the Basic Details page before you update or create the event.

Hope that helps!

I don’t think that will help as we do want to handle RSVPs in TroopTrack.

Hi @CynthiaLundstrom,

Sorry, I was a little confused. If you are referring to only not showing/allowing guests, then on that same Advanced page in the Event creator/editor, you can uncheck “Guests allowed” and this should solve your problem.

Let me know if I’m still not fully understanding. Thank you!

That might work! Thank you!

Has this been enabled yet? I remember reading this but could not find any way to enable this on my events. I’d really like to enable public registration and payment for one of my events…