Track Inventory

It would be really nice if we could Track Inventory, such as T-Shirts, Scout Books, Bolos, etc…, some of which may get sold to Scouts and/or Parents, while other items might just get used, such as Pens, Paper, Bottled Water, Paper Towels, etc…, basically consumables. It would also be nice if we could set a minimum Inventory Amount and get an alert when below that amount, such as Class B T-Shirts. There should be a Cost and a Sale Price (if we were to sell to Scouts or Parents). Item Purchase and Sale History may also be beneficial.

It may also be helpful to track inventory for some Fundraisers, where Inventory is limited. We wouldn’t want to sell more than what we have available for sale.

Mark S.

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This was requested by someone a few months ago and is on the todo list.

Thank you.