Tracking a Custom Award

Our troop participates in the HUGS award. Each girl must complete 3 troop wide offered service projects to earn the award. I’m trying to come up with an easy way to figure out how to keep track of the girls who have done the 3 projects. This is my scenario

Sept 11 - Tammy, Lizzie, Marie, and Joan all completed the HUGS project
Nov 11 - Jamie, Lizzie, Hannah, and Sofie all completed the HUGS project
Feb 18 - Tammy, Jamie, Sofie, and Joan all completed the HUGS project.

This is a relatively small number of girls and I could go through and see that only Tammy earned the HUGS patch. But I have when I have at least 10 different HUGS events over the year and 94 girls to do that with, it can make a normal mom a little crazy. Like, she has an eye twitch and only approach her with chocolate crazy… :smirk:

Is there a way, any way, to create an award that would allow me to mark girls off as they complete the HUGS events and when that girl hits the 3 mark, her HUGS patch is automatically entered on a report or shopping list? The other thing that complicates this is that only girls earning HUGS for the first time get the actual patch. The new girls and all other girls get the year rocker.

I’m stepping out of my leadership roles next year and am training all my replacements now. I am trying to streamline and get as much set up/automated as possible to make TT seem less intimidating than it is to most of my parents now. All these crazy questions I’m asking on here are for that. :wink:

**Edited to add
I’m sitting her playing with the Custom Awards. If I put it in as a custom award, is there a way to note that there are say a total of 10 plus options (events) and that a girl only needs to complete 3 of those requirements to earn the badge? Or do I only have the option of entering the actual needed requirements.

My thought process is that if I enter the HUGS project that was done on 9/11 as requirement 1, and then if I have girls who complete the HUGS project 2 that was done on 11/13, I can’t enter that as completing Req 1 b/c it will overwrite any data on the girls who participated in the project on 9/11 instead of just updating the girls with a 2nd requirement. And instead of showing that Susie did Reqs 1 and 2, it will only show up as having done Req one right? Does that make sense? I promise I am trying to figure this out. :slight_smile:

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I think this should work.

I created a test custom award with 10 possible options. Each one of these options would be a qualifying HUGS event. I set the award so that 3 of the options are required to earn the award, and tested it with my daughter’s account (always the guinea pig!).

Now that I have set it to have 10 options, I cannot adjust that number. But you can still edit their details.

I like this idea for tracking the HUGS patch! You can use the Record Awards Progress button from the calendar to update the HUGS award based on attendance. Very cool!

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Ok that makes sense. I couldn’t edit it and add more HUGS events and change the the needed reqs. I could add requirements. I’ll play with it some more and start another one and see if I can get it all laid out. I’m meeting with my advancement coordinator next week to see if we can get this all worked out. I’d love to be able to say, “It’s all worked out!” Lol

I use my own girls, I have 5 in the program, to test all the time. It’s almost wnough to play with as a squad! Haha

Thank you for the clarification! That helps a LOT!

It worked!!! Thank you so much! I already have 26 of my girls who have participated and earned HUGS! Now I’m working out one for the girls who actually need a patch with 2 requirements. Do you know if there is a way to link awards? The way this one would work is that I have 3 requirements,

  1. I’m a new girl and do not have a patch
  2. I have completed at least 3 HUGS Service Projects this year
  3. I am a returning girl and would like a new patch for my vest/sash b/c I’m bridging.

I’d like to be able to link the requirement #2 with my HUGS Custom Award so that when the girl earns the HUGS, it’s automatically checked off on the HUGS PATCH award. @Spencer @KelsieC Is that even an option?

That’s not an option right now, I’m sorry. We are looking into it, though.

Is there any way to delete a custom award?

You may be over complicating the HUGS patch. My understanding is it is a troop award, like Honor Troop is. If the troop offers 3 Troop Service Projects, everyone can recieve a HUGS award.


You can delete a custom award, but doing so isn’t as simple as it should be. You have to go to Manage > About Your Troop, and then click the Custom Awards tab on that page. This will show a table of custom awards that includes delete links.

I’m going to add those delete links to the page at Manage > Settings > Custom Awards.

Yes, this is the case. Whenever the TROOP earns the Hugs award by offering 3 service projects in a year, ALL girls in the troop at that time get the award. We award the patch the first time a girls earns it in a particular unit, along with the year rocker. Then for the additional years, they just get the rocker. When they move up, they get a new patch.

So it doesn’t matter how many service projects any one girl completes. If the Troop earns the HUGS award, all girls get the patch.

Interesting. Our troop has never interpreted HUGS that way. Honor Troop is partially based on the troop offering at least 3 troop wide service projects. But it has always been our understanding that a girl had to participate in 3 projects to earn the HUGS award itself. Overall, I’d say at least 75% of our girls earn the patch every year.

Thanks @Spencer!! This is perfect!

This is what it says on AHGSource

Troops who participate in three or more service projects per program year are eligible for the HUGS patch and corresponding arcs. Your Troop’s Merchandise Coordinator can order your patches and arcs through AHGconnect.

The way I understand that is, if the troop offers 3 service projects, the troop earns the patch (which would include all the girls) as a way of acknowledging the service opportunities offered by the troop.

I don’t mean to argue, just trying to help streamline your record keeping. I can only all the extra work of figuring out who earned what …

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We will have to check into this more. It was our understanding that the troop was eligible for the HUGS award if at least 3 troop service events were offered. But that for the girl to receive the patch, she had to participate in 3 of those events. This year we have at least 11 HUGS qualifying service projects scheduled. Last year it took me HOURS to look at every HUGS event we scheduled and track the girls who participated in each event and then make sure that they all had 3 events. Our troop is 94 girls this year and was 89 girls last year, so either way, I dread it! And it’s not something I can delegate to my Service Coordinator as she isn’t super TT savvy.

It makes it way simpler to do it the way you described. And I’m all for simplifying. :wink: I think we will contact National and get clarification. With being so large, we make sure we offer more to make sure that every one has the opportunity to earn the award. If it turns out we can give everyone a patch just b/c we offered the events… I love simpler!!

It’s always fun to see how others do things. And a lot of the time, we learn something new!